Twister online

Twister online is an option that can replace roulette for twister.

Random selection of options

Random selection from the list of options is a resource that will help you make a decision, make the right choice or determine the winner in a fierce battle of interests, relying only on your luck!

Password generator

Nowadays, almost every person has his own account, whether on the site, the game, or the mail. To create an account in any of these resources, you need to come up with a login (a unique name that still exists on the site among those already registered) and a password (which serves to protect). A simple password is also suitable for a dating site, but for a personal account linked to your bank card, the password with the name of your dog with the date of birth of mother-in-law is no longer suitable, but in such cases you need to create a password in the password generator.

Toss a coin

In the sleeves of life there are problems in abundance, which she thoughtlessly slips us. Sometimes it is hard to solve a problem, even the most insignificant, at such a moment you can hope for the uncle of the random house and throw a coin, but if you are at work and do not want to burn, then you can use the Internet.