Pisces luck


Pisces have a very strong luck, but life does its best to level an incredible amount of luck into a statistical average. How does it work? The fact is that people of this zodiac sign are lucky in only one life lane, if fortune smiled in the financial sphere, then you shouldn’t expect anything in others, such as love or friendship. And maybe even wary. Sometimes Pisces, having seen the smile of luck, completely forget about reality, and begin to unknowingly wait for manna from heaven, which does not lead to anything in the end.
Pisces are also very lucky in tough situations, where most people just won’t get out unscathed. Getting out of the water dry is not the best phrase for them.
This sign of the zodiac constantly has to balance, all the time trying to keep the golden mean in luck and life without forgetting that luck is a fickle thing.

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