Virgo’s luck


Virgos are not distinguished by luck, everything they have achieved in life is undoubtedly their merit. This sign of the zodiac does not wait for handouts of luck or messages from heaven, but strives for everything later and with blood. People of this constellation can without exaggeration be called realists who have such qualities as hard work and self-discipline.
Yes, Virgos do not rely on luck and do not expect help from anyone, but this does not mean that they are not lucky. If it concerns small finds, then in this case they are lucky, like everyone else, without fanaticism.
People of this zodiac sign tend to get into various silly and stupid situations. But it is precisely in these uncomfortable moments that the luck of Virgos lies. The fact is that such problems most often lead to discomfort, nothing more. And due to the disruption of the chain of events by this problem, it can lead Virgo to tremendous luck. It works like this – the alarm clock didn’t ring, he overslept at work and didn’t make it to the bus, which in turn got into an accident. Here’s to failure with discomfort leading to success.

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